As time passes, new technologies pop up and the existing ones get smarter and prospects get savvier, more assaulted with marketing.

Right away, let’s have a look at the five digital marketing trends for 2019.

1.      Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is to create marketing touch points that work collectively on almost every channel. You have to make sure that you have created consistent touch points on all the channels your customers use.

Some most favorable channels are:

  • Facebook and Instagram stories
  • Live broadcasts
  • Live Chat
  • Emails
  • Offline Ads
  • Smartphone apps
  • Podcasts

2.     Artificial Intelligence

In 2016, it was predicted that by 2018 20% of all business content would be “authored by machines”. In 2019, AI gained more than the prediction. Now it has various key marketing applications including content marketing, customer service, and advertising.

In the future, AI will grow towards generating initial reporting, but some human input will be needed to make the content relatable.

3.     Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming important feature from business website to mobile apps and social media newsfeeds. Their aim is to answer simple question and help the customer to do the desired task.

Some advanced chatbots are deployed by enterprise companies as digital concierges and helps in:

  • Shopping Assistance
  • Website browsing guidance
  • Lead qualification
  • Talent recruiting
  • Knowledgebase research

4.     Video Marketing

According to a study, by 2020, in US videos will build more than 85% of all customer internet traffic. Videos will be uploaded by individuals rather than brands and businesses.

Following marketing videos can help in growing business in 2019:

  • Influencer interviews
  • Product walkthroughs
  • Customer testimonials
  • Company culture videos
  • Event videos
  • Webinars


5.     Next-Generation SEO

Image searching and local searching is another important factor to consider. 30% of mobile searchers are on locations and 46% of Google searches are local. Local SEO Strategy should be considered by businesses based on local customer base.

In 2017, 27% on 10 major search sites were on images. For optimizing the search in 2019, following guidelines should be considered:

  • Create sitemap
  • Create Scheme markup
  • Create long-form written content
  • Construct white hat back linking strategy
  • Integrate different media types on single page
  • Optimize each page to increase load speed

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