Are the technical aspects essential for SEO of your site?

The technique and natural referencing (SEO) of a site are intimately linked. Slow performance, flawed redirects, broken links, unmaintained URL grammar, all of these criteria, and more, can affect how a search engine like Google can see your website and impact SEO.

This is why J Net Communications analyzes both traditional SEO criteria and technical criteria in its audits.

In what order should the technical articles be read?

Each article can be read individually to learn about a particular subject. However, if you want to have a more complete view of Internet technologies, here is a reading order suggestion:

  • What is a URL? Anyone uses URLs without even thinking about surfing the web. But does he know what is behind this acronym?
  • What is HTML and XHTML? Most people know that the pages they read on the Internet are composed of HTML.
  • What is HTTP? What does this acronym stand for at the beginning of most URLs? Knowing some basics of HTTP is essential to decrypt many mysteries of the Web
  • What is a character set and an encoding? Unicode and UTF-8 are they the same thing? Why are accented characters displayed poorly on some sites?