Impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and the role of digital marketing

Written by Jnet

April 30, 2020

During a global pandemic such as the ongoing coronavirus Covid-19, businesses suffer a great loss. Small businesses that are limited to some cities or countries and do not have an ongoing demand like other bigger names tend to lose more during such epidemics.

The current situation where social distancing and lockdowns are imposed in almost the entire world has caused many people to lose their jobs and daily wagers are not earning anything. This situation has also caused a great loss to many small businesses and startups.

How to promote business in this Covid-19 Situation?

But, compared to such situations faced by the world earlier, this time we have more options and ways to carry on our work and businesses thanks to the world of the internet. Digital marketing has been proven to be very helpful in making businesses grow and during a situation where people are not allowed to leave their homes and outside activities have almost fallen to zero, digital marketing comes to the rescue for many of these businesses.

Since the offices are closed and most people have to work from their home, it can be taken as an opportunity by these businesses to carry on their work online and use the digital world and its techniques to continue their earnings and increase their clients.

It is a time where we have numerous different social media platforms that we can use to either communicate with each other and to give our brands a shout out. Business meetings and other important discussions are mostly held online using various platforms and somehow the work has been carried on.
Most of the people are at their homes and the internet is used to communicate or to get in touch with the outside world. Everyone is either using their phones or laptops and billions of people use several different social media platforms every day. Where the outside world is in a lockdown, the internet world is experiencing more traffic than ever.
For small business owners, it is a good opportunity to not waste this time and use it to create a brand identity for their businesses and gain more attention.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, and many others have millions of people using them every day and most of the selling and buying is done online during this locked downtime. People are looking for the things they need online and it seems to be the only safe option for them.
This is the time for you to set up an online image for your business and attract an audience towards your products. All these platforms allow brands to create their pages, blogs, accounts for free, and work on them as much as the need be. Even though there is the option to use paid marketing schemes such as Pay per click or pay per response, free of cost marketing also allows many options and provides results. It, however, needs more work and requires knowledge of the world of digital marketing.

There are platforms like YouTube, Google, Quora, and others where you can learn a lot of step by step techniques of digital marketing and ways to implement them in your businesses. And other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram where you can advertise your products to the audience that are following you or are looking for the services that you are providing.

Learning about the audience needs, relevant keywords and searches in the area of interest for building your brand identity and mixing them up to create attractive content that attracts the audience towards your brand and leaves an image of your business in the eyes of clients are some of the techniques that can help you market your businesses digitally. It is, however, a sophisticated process and requires some skills and knowledge of technology.
In the current situation where you cannot leave your home and only have the option to explore the online world, digital marketing covers many aspects of your brand advertising and will help grow your businesses in this time of chaos and rapid unemployment.


So, if you are running a small business or have a startup and are looking to digitally market your brands, let us help you. We, at Jnet Communications have an expert team of digital marketers that will do the task for you in a very professional way and create a lasting identity for your brand. Call us at (602) 833-3256 and let us have the opportunity to work with you.

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