Top 10 Tips to Make Your Website SEO & User-Friendly

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September 17, 2020

A website is a representation of an individual, a business or an organization online. Whenever someone searches for you or your business online, they look for your site. So, it is important to have a website that is user-friendly and search engine friendly (a clear menu section or navigation for the web crawlers) 

What is an SEO and User Friendly website?

A user friendly website means that users can use such a site with ease. They can find things that they are looking for and don’t get irritated with site structure or design. To make a site friendly and easy to operate, we must follow to the point site structures. The design and colors of a website also leave an impact on the user. That is why it is important to use decent, simple and engaging designs. 

Search Engine Optimized websites are those which rank on the top of search results. There are different strategies to optimize your website and enhance its rankings. A site that is better optimized appears in top search ranks. And users are most likely to visit the sites that appear in top search results.

How to create SEO and User Friendly websites?

Having creative , Responsive and SEO friendly Websites for all types of businesses is very important. However, it takes special skills and Understanding of what design UI/UX works best for both Search engines and Users. There are different techniques and strategies that we can use to develop great sites. Here are some tips how we can optimize our websites and make them easy to interact with.

Adapt simple and interactive designs

The best websites are those which are simplest to use. We have to thus make sure our sites are decent, simple and interactive. Users should find what they are looking for with ease and should not get distracted by the colors or design. Human Computer Interaction is a complete course. It teaches how to use the best graphics and colors that engage users. 

It is very important to create responsive website design which is also interactive and navigates users and search engines crawlers where to move without any confusion. Not putting too much information on it and keeping color consistency is the key.

Create platform independent websites

There are many different types of devices that people use to surf the internet. Smartphones are one of the most used devices in today’s world. That’s why it is important that our sites are independent of the platform we open them from. Creating sites that suit both computers and smartphone devices is an important factor. It is a necessity in today’s world with smartphones being the most used type of technology.

Don’t compromise on site speed

Whenever someone visits your website. The second most important thing after site structure and design, is the speed of your site. Speed means the time your website takes to response to a certain command. When someone click on a tab, it should open quick. 

One way of increasing your website speed is by using optimized content and structure. Do not overburden your site and be as relevant as possible.

Follow good site structures

Following good, simple and responsive site structures is an important thing. We need to create a site hierarchy and must build our site based on that. The hierarchy must be on point and optimized. 

The best practice is to follow a 3 click process. In which someone should reach the desired part of your website in 3 clicks at most. 

Don’t compromise on security

Having a safe and secure website is a must to increase your search engine rankings. Google ranks the secured sites a lot better than the unsecured ones. It recommends using the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP where the S stands for Secure. This requires an SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate.

This certificate creates an encryption between hosts and servers. And thus secures both of the sides.

Keep researching Keywords

Researching relevant and most searched keywords is an important task. Keywords play a huge role in the website ranking. The right keywords can increase the website traffic by a great margin. These keywords keep changing with time based on the searches made. And there are different sites that help you find the right keywords including Google.

Create quality links

Quality and relevant linking to and from trustworthy websites is also a strategy. There links can be outbound or inbound linking. In outbound linking, we create backlinks to some other trusted site which helps them grow as well. Whereas in inbound linking, other trustworthy sites create backlinks to our website. This increases our website traffic and visitors.


Work on Meta and Descriptions 

Site meta and descriptions are important. They are the information that appears with our site address on search engines. When people search for a specific something, a lot of different results appear. Then the meta and descriptions are our little piece of content to attract the user towards us. We should spend time some to create relevant and attractive meta and descriptions. And we should do it for all the pages of our website.

Create optimized designs

Whenever we’re posting some design or image on our website. We should make sure that they are perfectly optimized and attractive. We should use relevant content and post fresh and original content. Google rankings depend on the freshness and uniqueness of our content. So, optimized designs are necessary to boost up your site rankings.

Consistent website enhancement

Getting in or on the top search results is one thing, but maintaining that position is another. Search engines want us to stay consistent with our optimization efforts. We should not get off track and keep doing what got us the ranking. Consistent enhancement and optimization of our websites is necessary to stay on top.

How Juggernet Communication Can Help you?

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